"When The Student is Ready The Teacher Appears"

Serenity4All is based in Callander, right in the heart of the Trossachs and within easy reach of Stirling, Perth, Crieff, Aberfoyle and Brig O'Turk.
Deborah offers healing therapies to help your body and mind release the stresses and anxieties of modern day life so that you can start to live a happier life.

Serenity4All was created after my daughter noticed the benefits friends and family were receiving from the free meditation and healing sessions I held at home.  Having experienced a few sessions herself, Lauren pointed out to me that I had a natural gift of supporting people and making them feel good about themselves.  She loved seeing how relaxed and empowered everyone was after their sessions, as if with a magic wand, I had given them a new lease of life and so, in 2010 Serenity4All was born.

As a healer and therapist, I am very passionate about my work and in order to support clients in a business, I knew I had to take my own personal journey of self-discovery.  In 2003, I took this journey, to get to know the real me.  It was scary discovering my fears and struggling to let them go as they had become a comfort blanket, not realising it was stalling me from my own dreams and happiness.  During this process of self-discovery and letting go, I received very deep healing as I was able to clear deep rooted trauma from my childhood which were the cause of all my fears. Through the healing I became my master teacher and was able to take control of my life as well as understand the effect of negative emotions and how it affects our mind, body and soul. 

So TODAY, take a leap of FAITH and have TRUST and COURAGE 
and start BELIEVING in yourself as the UNIVERSE is ready to work with you. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Deborah Dip LC (LC Inst.)

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